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Your Mom's Tattoo Atelier MN430097



Established in 2008, the artists at Your Mom's Tattoo Atelier work hard to provide safe and high quality tattoos to our discerning clientele. 


What is an Atelier? An Atelier is an art studio. Mike chose that term so that people would understand that the artists here are genuine artists in other mediums, other than the art of tattoo. At Your Mom's Tattoo Atelier we like to walk a person through the tattoo designing process and work one on one with the individual client to ensure the highest quality work.


Everything is hand drawn and created by artists with years of knowledge about the tattoo industry. Our artists have undergone a traditional tattoo apprenticeship and are fully licensed in the state of Minnesota to provide body art procedures. We are part of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists and undergo yearly training in Preventive Disease Transmission in Tattooing, as well as First Aid/CPR & AED courses.


Your Mom's Tattoo Atelier is known as a custom shop and is different from the common street shops that employ various designs on the walls known as" flash ". Our main goal at the shop is provide a gentle atmosphere with a welcoming staff and artistic touch to the type of tattoos we provide. 


So know that when you receive a tattoo at Your Mom's Tattoo Atelier, LLC you will be receiving the highest quality, in service as well as skill. Call, stop by or email to book in an appointment today. 






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