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Your Mom's Tattoo Atelier Policies



Deposit Policy:


All drawings and appointments require a $100 deposit that is non-refundable.

We have up to 90 days to draw up the design and the client has 30 days to approve the design and book the appointment. Appointments have priority.

Appointments have to be rescheduled or cancelled 24 hours in advange, otherwise the deposit is forfeited.

If the design idea is changed, a new deposit is required. 


Session Policy:

The session policy is as follows:

A deposit of $200 is required to start a session piece. 

The deposit comes off from the LAST session. 

Client has 72 hours to cancel due to family emergency, travel delays, or certain weather-related emergencies.

Changes in location, major design change or concept changes will will result in a loss of deposit. A new deposit will be required to be added back on the schedule. 

If the artist is unable to fulfill his/her obligations because of travel delays, illness or extenuating circumstances, he/she will reschedule and transfre the deposit. If the deposit is refunded per request of the artist, the shop has has up to 30 days from the scheduled appointment to refund the deposit. 

Consecutive cancellation, reschedules or no-shows by the client will forfeit the deposit. A new deposit will be required to hold appointments. Sessions that have a greater than a 6-month lapse will forfeit the deposit and will require a new deposit. 

Scheduling multiple appointments is encouraged as lapses in sessions will result in loss of priority and coherence of the piece. 

The artist will make up to three miniscule design changes without requiring a new deposit. 


Touch Up Policy

We will touch up any mistakes that are a result of us free of charge for one year. This includes light spots (holidays), Blown out lines (blowouts), unconnected line work (skips).

We will not do maintenance on tattoos for free such as, but not limited to, tanned tattoos, tattoos aged for more than a year, picked scabs, generally poorly healed work, or other peoples tattoos.

We will not guaratee work done on the neck or head, wrist or below the wrist, or below the ankles and feet.

We guarantee the quality of work, not your satisfaction of choice.


General Shop Rules

Please do not come into the shop drunk or on drugs, you will be asked to leave.

Please do not come into the shop sick, we will reschedule you.

Please do not bring your children, we are not a daycare, nor is the tattoo shop a place for children to run around.

Please do not haggle, it is insulting and not a good way to start getting a tattoo. We like to get paid what we are worth.

To haggle is to say that you do not respect our industry or our time and effort to bring you a quality tattoo. We often give deals to clients that have developed an excellent client artist relationship.

Be respectful. We have worked hard to get where we are and do what we do, so show respect.


Healing Instructions

Client is sent home with verbal and written aftercare instructions. Please follow them thoroughly to ensure proper healing of the tattoo. 



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