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Tattoos by Finn


Erja Wiltse, aka Finn. Erja hails from the cold of Lapland. Erja likes to use my Finnish heritage and style to create unique tattoos. Erja started apprenticing under her husband, Michael Wiltse, in 2016 and have quite a few remarkable pieces under her  belt, as well as, a following of local clientele. She enjoys drawing and creating artwork in tattoos, oil paintings and jewelry. Many of the styles she enjoys are trash polka, neo-traditional, traditional and floral. Erja has a friendly demeanor and up-beat personality and she is always eager to help create wonderful designs for her clients.


Erja is an exceptional artist and is familiar with many mediums. She likes work in watercolor, digital, and graphite. She recently attended the Linkinka School Art in Liminka Finland and studies comic book design. She likes to do bold colorful tattoos as well as minimalist black and grey designs. you can see some of her work on the instagram link below her photo. Recent projects have been to illustrate Skolt Sámi language Instruction books, and other projects for the Sami Council, and studying sliver smithing in Oulu, Finland.

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