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Here are some frequently asked questions.


This section will hopefully provide some answers for your questions about our policies, pricing, and general tattoo questions.


Do we allow friends/family members back in the booths?


No, we do not.

The main reason is that the booth belongs to the artist and it the space in which the artist utilizes in order to put a permanent piece of artwork on the client, so in a sense it is sacred and should be respected. The act of getting the tattoo is strictly between the artist and the client. To ensure the proper mind set of the client, prevent possible cross-contamination, and the to ensure the concentration of the artist/client it is better to have no else in the booth. Sorry, I know it sucks. Try to be a big boy/girl and suck it up, you don't need someone to hold your hand. 


How do we price tattoos? Is it customary to tip?



Many factors go into the pricing of a tattoo.


First, a senior artist naturally charges more than the junior artist. Please note that all of our senior artists are internationally known award-winning artists. Price of the tattoo from such an artist is in accordance with their experience, skill and professionalism.


Second, the layout, size and placement of the tattoo has to be factored in. 


Third, the actual tattoo design/theme has an effect as well.


Fourth, the flow of the piece with the placement needs to be considered. 


Fifth, how much time will a piece approximately take?


As you can see, there is nothing straight forward about tattoo pricing. We estimate the tattoo prices because we cannot honestly know how much exactly any tattoo will cost until it is said and done, and tattooed on. We try to keep our estimates within the $100 of the quoted price. 



Tipping is appreciated, and is usually about 10-20% of the tattoo price. 


Why do we charge a deposit?


The deposit is charged in order to assure that the artists are compensated for the time they take to design the tattoo. 

Deposit comes off from the final price, so it is also a form of pre-payment for your tattoo. 

The designs created and the tattoos themselves are copyrighted and are the intellectual property of the artist's. We do not give out the drawn designs.


I called and placed a deposit for my tattoo, can we e-mail/text me the drawing?


Unfortunately not: the drawings and the tattoo designs are protected under copyright laws and are the intellectual property of the artist. We have had instances where the client has used the drawing to get the same tattoo from a hacker/scratcher/lesser quality artist. Naturally, we see these clients coming back and asking us to re-work and/or cover-up the botched tattoos. We do not enjoy doing this type of work, and it becomes financially burdening to the client as well, since they first made the deposit, paid the so-called tattoo artist, and then have to pay us to get the piece re-worked/covered up anyway. Do yourself a favor, and get a quality tattoo. From us, of course.


You can always stop by at the shop before your appointment and look at the design. Over at Your Mom's, we make sure you have checked the design before getting it permanently placed on your body. 

Do we do cover-ups?


We do, but we do not enjoy doing them, since we could be creating a new and awesome piece on a blank canvas instead of covering up whatever mistakes you have made. 

Please do not get names, we cover-up about 3-5 names on any given week at the shop. 



Are tattoos painful?


They feel like floating on a fluffy clouds of marshmallows. Silly questions will get silly answers. Yes they are painful.

Tattoo pain is unique; some people think that they feel like a sunburn: others think they feel like scratching skin. 


Is our shop licensed?


Yes, our shop is licensed under Minnesota Department of Health Body Art Statue. 


Additional information about Body Art Statue:


Body Art Statue Brochure


Body Art licensing site 




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