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Junior Artist

Joey Bag O' Donuts

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Joey Bag O' Donuts comes from the great white north and is a close relative of Dudly Do Right. He truly is the Canuck with all the luck. when he isn't at the shop he is spending time with his two beautiful children. A family man through and through. 


Joe has been with the shop from the first year of our opening off and on and is now a full time artist. He has clean smooth lines and takes extra special care to create solid tattoos for his clientele. His specialty is simplistic style and traditional tattoos. He does a lot of black and grey tattoos and enjoys doing bold bright color pieces. If you would like to get tattooed while watching hockey feel free to send him a message or call the shop at



You can email him at

Be sure to check out his portfolio on instagram. Just click the link under the picture.

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