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Marissa Jackson MJ's Brow Studio

Micro-Blade Specialist

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+1 701-552-0810

Marissa Jackson joined the team at Your Mom's Tattoo Atelier in 2018 and has added new style to the shop with her own brand of classy cosmetic tattooing known as micro-blading. She has created a very good name for herself as an accomplished micro-blade artist and has an established an extensive list of clients from the region.  

Micro-blading is a  semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique used to create hair like strokes to fill in sparse or non-existent eye brows. Combo micro-blading is traditional micro-blading combined with cosmetic tattoo pen to create a more fuller rich look.

Marissa offers two these two techniques at extremely affordable rates:

Traditional Micro-blading is $400.00 for 2hrs and 30min.

Combo Micro-blading is $475.00 2hrs and 45min.

Feel free to give her a call at +1 701-552-0810 for a consultation.

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