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Senior Artist and Owner

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Michael Wiltse MN310113

Michael Wiltse is an artist originally from Bemidji, Mn. & is currently living in Oulu, Finland. Although Michael has taken courses in various schools and seminars, he does consider himself to be a self-taught artist. Michael was taught the timeless tradition of derma-graphic illustration from master tattoo artist Dave Zappia of Broadalbine NY and underwent a four year apprenticeship in his tattoo atelier in Duluth and Stillwater Minnesota.


Michael enjoys utilizing many techniques in creating various pieces of art and is known for producing quality oil paintings in portraiture, still life, surrealism, and landscape. Michael is also known for drawing portraits in graphite pencil, watercolor, & pen and ink. Michael also is a professional derma-graphic illustrator with currently over 20,000 tattoos completed on clients from all over the world. Michael enjoys creating large scale works of art whether in painting or derma-graphic illustration. 


Michael currently has many collectors of his pieces throughout Europe & the US. He enjoys creating profound pieces of art that inspire emotion, depict loved ones, and record his life and the lives of others. Many of his pieces range from the surreal to the mundane, but all involve hours of research and sometimes years of work. Michael enjoys creating art from his own inspiration and from the commissions of clients. Many of Michael pieces are inspired by pop culture, paintings of the old masters, and modern representational art. 


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